Dr. Kate Green is a mother of four boys (32, 29, 23 and 17) and one girl (14) who have grown up learning freely and living and traveling in multiple places around the world.

She has been working in education for almost 30 years and has taught online and face-to-face courses on three continents from preschool to doctoral level. After 7 years in the US Air Force as a journalist she started in the field of education as a preschool teacher in the UK. She then taught elementary school in Hawaii before moving into higher education: primarily focusing on child development, early childhood education, alternative education, cross cultural parenting practices and research methodology.

Dr. Kate helped develop two new universities in the Middle East and specifically with teacher education programs and child development studies from a cross-cultural perspective. She initiated a Child Development Research Center in Abu Dhabi and facilitated Global Teacher Education degrees (undergraduate and graduate) between Dubai and US institutions. As the founding institution Dean, she also co-led multiple formal and informal program links between international institutions and oversaw the acceptance of university students from many international countries into US institutions. She has done longitudinal research on Arab families, Hmong and Jamaican populations, and Attachment Parents around the world and values sharing the history and culture of societies that are changing rapidly.

She has served as a mentor and evaluator for international homeschooling communities and is a member of the Research Board for Attachment Parenting International. She has also worked as a consultant for Disney and Scholastic. Having her own children was a huge driving force in moving from traditional educational views to those more aligned with such people as John Holt, A.S. Neill, Ivan Illich, and others who have sought to promote educational freedoms. She is also a huge proponent of travel learning and Worldschooling.

Dr. Kate has a PhD in human ecology/child development from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; an MS in educational leadership from Troy University, Alabama (Hawaii campus); a BS in psychology from Excelsior University, NY; and AA degrees in public relations and journalism from the Community College of the Air Force. She currently teaches educators at the master’s and PhD levels and enjoys opening perspectives to playful, self-directed, and meaningful learning for people of all ages.